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About This Web Site

About This Web Site


After reading the New Jerusalem Bible Regular Edition, I realized just how amazing a good study bible could be.  After becoming a “true believer” in Christianity, I found that I also had a passion for a really good bible translation and a really good study bible. 

In response, I began the onerous task of a bible review web site.  You can see the corpse here.  Though the chart remains quite useful and incomplete the task of evaluating several bible translations in-depth (only after significant time spent in evaluation) caused my interest to wane.

My interest renewed after my introduction to Yahoo Answers, where I found myself repeatedly offering advice on bible versions.  There needs to be a way, I thought, for people to find a bible that is suitable for them, without having to delve into involved reviews and evaluations that are inevitably biased.  A person needs to be able to choose a bible based on what they want in a bible, not based on what I like in a bible.

You can see my first, stop-gap effort.  This exhaustingly inclusive web site that you are browsing is my “beta” effort.  I have no plans at the moment to begin the “gamma” project before completing this one.

A Work in Progress

Even after this site is operational (expected by 5/3/2009), it remains a work in progress.  The goal is to include nearly every English bible that is in print and available for sale.  My plan, for the foreseeable future, is to add at least one bible edition per day to the charts.

The “Look and Feel”

The web site “theme” is one found in Lotus Fastsite® and modified extensively by me.  Adherence to Luminosity, Brightness and Color guidelines for optimum visibility is of my top priorities and should be addressed within the week.  This will likely result in a significant color scheme change.  The rather large text is an “innovation” that I have begun employing in all of my web sites.  I’m not so young myself, you see, and I appreciate how much more comfortable I am reading the enlarged text.

All pages are designed to work on monitors 800 pixels wide, the new “lowest common denominator”.  I apologize to all those still using VGA monitors.  I also test every web page at 1600 x 1200 pixels to make sure that all objects maintain their proper relative placement for those of us lucky enough to still be using high resolution CRT monitors.

I am always eager to recieve user input and criticism.

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